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About us

Our History

Established in 1999 in Frankfurt, Germany by Raj Kumar - a long-year travel specialist - and the Skylink Holding group of aviation companies.

We focus on air travel management and serve participants of exchange, au pair and work & travel programmes on behalf of their organizations.

Today Skylink Travel House is serving some of the largest organizations promoting intercultural exchange worldwide. We proudly look back to over 20 years of successful business with outstanding customers.

Our Mission

Travel is just one piece in the big picture of an international program such as student exchange, au pair or work & travel. It is however a critical piece and we do our best to make it as reliable and seamless as possible for the programs' participants and the organizations. Most programs` participants are typically very young and have never travelled internationally on their own before accordingly special attention is being given to the travel of every single passenger.

Our specially trained and experienced staff members are known personally to our customers, respond quickly to queries and are available 24/7 in cases of emergencies. All selected flights are carried out by trusted airline-partners offering convenient routings, reasonable fares and flexible conditions in case of irregularities. Meet & Assist services are offered in order to assist inexperienced passengers in finding their connecting flights at major international hubs.

To further ensure well organized travel arrangements for our customers, we have also taken our digital strategy to the next level. We provide a free of charge Passenger & Flight Management System including communication facilities to our customer organizations. We also enable linking a customer's CRM to our system through a self-developed interface for automated data exchange.

Our Vision

Intercultural exchange is an idea in which we fullheartedly believe. Bringing people together is a mission which we feel priviliged and proud to be part of. We therefore feel obliged to do all it takes to make it happen.

Success means for us a seamless travel which remains unnoticed within the process of bringing your passenger all the way from home to her/his host family and back home again.

We are investing a lot in an ongoing optimization process which includes digitalization and enhanced communication systems. At the same time, however, we believe that human service and interaction is a necessity in order to ensure a smooth operation.

At any given time (7/24/365) you will be able to talk and otherwise communicate with a staff member known to you to ensure the best possible service and tackling of problems.

We know that we cannot just lean back and wait to be contacted to solve a problem. We are trying to take all measures to foresee, prevent and ultimately solve irregularity cases.

Air Travel Specialists

The Skylink Holding Group

Skylink Travel House is part of the Skylink Holding group of aviation companies with each of them having a different specialization. Skylink Holding combines their abilities to carry out complex flight projects on scheduled and chartered flights.

While Skylink Travel House is specialized on travel solutions for intercultural exchange travel using scheduled flights, Everest Travel focuses on scheduled flight projects for international help organizations, NGOs and governmental institutions. PAS - Professional Aviation Solutions offers chartered private and commercial jets for passenger and cargo transportation. Skylink Technologies is serving the aviation industry by providing software solutions and digital transformation services.

Solutions to complex flight projects

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Your individual & group flight specialists

Software Solutions for the aviation & tourism trades

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