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Smooth travel for Au Pairs

Au Pair travel has got several joint characteristics to exchange travel.

Duration of stay is often beyond one year since Au Pairs` visas permit a stay of up to 15 months (e.g. in USA). Hence, typical travel requirements will be for one way tickets on both in and outbound flights. Skylink Travel House has been able to negotiate packages comprising attractive fares & conditions for flights with leading members of Star Alliance, IAG group and many others, to suit the specific needs of Au Pairs` travel. Amongst them:

The above comes in addition to all Skylink´s services like:

Au Pair Travel Management Software

In order to better organize all travelers and their bookings we have developed a web application that helps manage and monitor travel information of groups and individuals. This application is free to use for all of our organizations and can be connected to an organization's internal system through an interface for automated data exchange.

Read more about the benefits and features of our web application.

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