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Travel for Intercultural Exchange

Realizing the special characteristics and particular requirements of exchange organizations and their travelers, Skylink Travel House has decided to turn this segment into its focal point of business.

Basing its business model on service and quality control, the company is involved with the travel organization throughout the process.


Proposing several flight solutions according to operation plans and customers` guidelines (shortest routing, lowest possible air fares, reasonable connecting times in case of transit, arrivals at final destinations in times comfortable for pick up and others).

Tailor-made global flight solutions

Enabling group`s and individual travel as well as a combination of two where required. Group`s travel in inbound and an individual based outbound are possible as well. Change of dates & final destinations, refundable tickets, late ticketing to enable maximum flexibility, deviations in case of group travel.

Meet and assist services

Provided at major international hubs to enable young and unexperienced travelers to reach their connecting flights and assist them with possible formalities.

Flight Watch

Virtual accompaniment of flight as of the point of check in until landing at the final destination. A duty officer that is watching all relevant flight movements notifies in case of an irregularity or interruption and is finding alternatives in case of delays, missed connections, weather or air-traffic control related interruptions etc.

Special attention for flights of minors

We realize the extent of extra responsibility once minors are travelling as participants in an exchange program. Such flight movements are being given special attention throughout the described phases to ensure that they all arrive safe and sound to their final destinations.

24/7 duty by travel professionals

Assistance in out-of-office times, teams of professionals available both in Europe and East Coast USA are able to tackle and provide assistance and solutions in cases of irregularities and urgencies. Participants will never end up in a general call center.

While its head office is in Frankfurt – Germany with its branch in Washington DC, the company is acting worldwide and is providing flight solutions in 5 continents. Global agreements with leading alliances such as Star Alliance (Atlantic++), One World, Qatar Airways, Turkish Airlines, All Nippon Airlines, and many others, enable Skylink Travel House to provide optimal customized solutions at any part of the world.

Many exchange programs involve a stay of one year. Within such a long time things can happen, a fact which might force changes. Skylink`s team is always available to provide solutions in case of an early return, change of destination airport also in cases of an immediate necessity to act, this regardless in the time of the day and the day in which such need occurs.

Exchange Travel Management Software

In order to better organize all travelers and their bookings we have developed a web application that helps manage and monitor travel information of groups and individuals. This application is free to use for all of our organizations and can be connected to an organization's internal system through an interface for automated data exchange.

Read more about the benefits and features of our web application.

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