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Definition: Educational programs which are designed for young travelers that are traveling within a program that comprises a period – typically 3 months (USA) – of travel and free time for touring the country.

Travelers under this program are often making their own arrangements; air fare plays in most cases a major role in making their travel preferences.

Being aware to availability of attractive online air fares we have designed special offers for such travelers. They can chose amongst an utmost low fare - however often not optimally convenient flights - and our specially designed offers to the community of exchange and Au Pair travelers of value-for-money. Those comprise reasonable fares with connectivity which provides fast and convenient one-ticket-solutions for in and outbound travel.

At the same time, Skylink`s other service features are available to the organizations involved and above all, a possibility to talk and otherwise communicate at any time with a Skylink Travel House professional in case of irregularity, unplanned interruption or in cases a change is required. We look after our travelers ourselves sparing them the necessity to fight there ways through - often understaffed - call centers of airlines and online. These are some of the services we provide to Work & Travel organizations:

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